Horoscope for a week: All Signs - General - Dec 04, 23 - Dec 11, 23

In case you receive a request for help don’t refuse,
But your own interests should remain your top priority.
For this week, dear friends, a general forecast I bring,
To guide you through the stars and help your spirits sing.
Monday, December 4th marks the beginning of our tale,
A week filled with cosmic energy, like a celestial sail.

Caution: Beware of distractions that may come your way,
Stay focused on your goals, let no one lead you astray.
While it's wonderful to lend a helping hand,
Remember to safeguard your own dreams and stand.

Recommendations: This week, dear signs, embrace change,
It's time to break free from your comfort range.
Opportunities shall knock on your door,
Open it wide and let them explore.

Advice: Seek balance in all that you do,
Find harmony between work and play, it's true.
Nurture your relationships, both old and new,
And watch as blessings come pouring through.

Basic: Aries, fiery and fierce,
Channel your passion, let it pierce.
Taurus, grounded and strong,
Your patience wi...

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